MH370 latest newsBefore I think of MH 370 latest news, I had cautioned myself not to repeat the “despicable” act of putting up for sale at eBay. I believe there are rules to govern how one should capitalize or monetize his or her online venture, be it at eBay or just posting an article in the Internet.

MH370 refers to the missing aircraft en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing about 6 days ago. I want to bring to your attention to the challenges that are confronting the Malaysian Airlines (MAS), the DCA (Department of Civil Aviation), the Royal Malaysian Police, Navy, Air Force (RMAF), Transport Ministry and Barisan Nasional, the ruling Malaysian government during this time of crisis.

At the time of writing, they are now searching nearly 27,000 square nautical miles – 12,425 square nautical miles in the Straits of Malacca and 14,440 square nautical miles in the South China Sea, both target areas are traced from the last known locations of the missing MH370. One location is confirmed by the Subang air traffic control and the other one is suggested by RMAF. The latter has fueled further speculations as it implies having to double up the Search and Rescue effort with India chipping in. 42 ships and 39 aircraft have now been deployed in one of the biggest Search and Rescue operation in history. There has been no distress call issued or received from MH370 and the search continues. It would seem the Boeing 777 carrying 239 passengers had seemingly vanished into thin air.

Being a Malaysian, I followed the news very closely, one could hardly missed any new development on the search party since it is being updated by most Malaysian TV channels round the clock. The one thing that struck me is we have had so many questions and suggestions but very few answers.

Today, we are living in an age of information overflow, it is neither the issue of the lack of information nor the speed of getting it, on the contrary, I would think the information we received is simply overwhelming. Thus, this could have contributed to the many questions, doubts, speculations, insinuations, and confusions raised from the public. Imagine what this means to the grieving families of the passengers whose emotions are certainly being stretched to the limits during this anguish moment of waiting for any news on the missing MH370.

My thought flows back to the brief history of Internet Marketing, I hailed from the days of 2007 when “Leads is Everything”, the market was paying for information of potential customers, leads were dominating the market. When too much hype is being built on the leads, customers are spoiled by choices, they had grown smarter, they began to read product reviews before making a buying decision, this has created a demand for internet marketers that could provide valuable product information, rich content. So there was a paradigm shift for internet marketers scurrying for more contents to stuff the internet from 2010 onwards.

I saw an analogy between internet content and the MH370 confusion arising from too many versions of information being received and reported. How soon can the authority find the missing aircraft will depend on a well-thought out search plan to locate it, it has to be based on reliable information gathered, filtered and concluded from the many sources of reports and expert advices.

Typically, this is what happened when there is an information overflow, the situation or the market becomes chaotic, it demands a filter or information management. For now, depending on the niche area of your content, the internet is probably overflowing with it, however it needs someone like you and me who are in the online business, to dig it, filter, format and deliver it to our customers.

Let’s #prayforMH370 to be found as soon as possible and the same goes with our customers finding the solutions they need, from the niche website content that we have learned to build for them. For Internet Marketing, Content Management is next, what do you think?



8 Responses to MH370 latest news

  1. It is a sobering post to say the least and as an ex-stewardess my heart is with those caught up in the MH370 tragedy. Everyone naturally does the best they can in such situations and to find solutions for those in need.

    To answer your question, providing content is more about helping people and I am all for that!

    • Fred Chong Fred Chong says:

      Thank you Janice, the search continues and our hearts are with the worry-sicked families, with more than 10 nations including the US involved in the SNR operation, we hope to have a breakthrough in the next few days!

  2. Englebert Lai says:

    Let’s hope the search will be able to find the plane. There are lots of advance technology out there and should be able to get the plane location soon.

    • Fred Chong Fred Chong says:

      Hi Bert, We hope the default security system that exists in the plane did continue to ping hours after its transponder stopped to function. The related military radar signal is being investigated by the US Navy who is zooming in the Indian ocean right now.

      • Englebert says:

        I heard they managed to locate the missing plane at last? Is that confirmed?

        • Fred Chong Fred Chong says:

          As confirmed by the Malaysian PM, the last piece of investigative data adds weight to the debris found west of Perth, Australia where the search is now focus on recovering the objects identified by satellites that may link to the ill fated MH370. We humbly express our prayers and condolences to the passengers’ families over this sad news.

  3. Michael says:

    It is really sad that the missing plane is no where to be found. Worse still is we do not know what really happen on the plane. It is really a mystery to the whole world.

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